Die Catalog

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Robert Lovett SR.       Robert Lovett JR.      George H Lovett        John D Lovett

As I began collecting the works of Robert Lovett Sr. and his sons I mistakenly thought I could turn to a catalog somewhere to find out everything they had produced and information on these. I was still thinking like a 'coin collector'. There was no Red Book on this material. There were references such as DeWitt's book on campaign pieces and "The Standard Catalog of United States Tokens" but their works were scattered throughout, much was missing, and many pieces were simply known but listed nowhere. So I decided it would be my mission to catalog their works - boy was I in for a surprise!

I made several attempts to go through existing works and systematically list their creations. One difficulty with this was the number of muled pieces and how to order them. Plus how to actually list them - by size, alphabetically, etc.? And then there were all those pieces just not listed anywhere. This website is my attempt to provide a source of information on the works of the Lovett's in one place. Part of this effort is going to be a listing of the dies created by them just as the Fulds did for Civil War Tokens.

I will be using this website as my 'notebook' rather than doing the work beforehand and posting it. This means it will always be in process and changing as I add or modify it. I hope it will also give anyone viewing this a chance to comment on it, provide information I may be missing, and otherwise contribute in any way they see fit. Once I feel the list of dies is complete my next effort will be to lsit the combinations of these as well as other information (metals struck in, mintage, etc.). This, in combination with the galleries on this site, I hope will one day became a complete catalog of the output of Robert Sr, Robert Jr, George H., and John D. Lovett.

     The method I have chosen is to begin the listings by the individual engravers; the links above will take you those pages. I will then list them by categories (political, merchant, pictorial, etc.), next by size, then alphabetically (I will be naming the dies). A very short description will be included and a link to the image on the website if it is available. At this time I will not be included a date as to when the die was created. If it is listed in some other work I will also include this. This will be very much a work in process and I invite anyone to share thoughts, comments, and ideas with me.

    Dave Baldwin, May, 2011