New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

Posted on this page will be new pieces as they come into my collection; they will
also be posted on the appropriate page and left here for 60 to 90 days.

Sage Historical Restrike - George H.
Historical Token #7 - The Home of Washington, brass, reeded edge, 31.5mm
(September 1, 2022)

Lockwood Sewing School - George H.

NY-Au 11, white metal, 31.4mm
(September 8, 2022)

Sage Historical Mule - George H.

Obverse of No. 7 / George H's Washington on Horseback, copper, 31.6mm
(Sept 26, 2022)

Connecticut State Agricultural Society Medal - George H.

Harkness CT-22, cast bronze?, 75.4mm
(October 19, 2022)

Horatio Seymour Campaign Medalet - George H.

DeWitt HS 1868-3, copper, 31.2mm
(November 16, 2022)