New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

Posted on this page will be new pieces as they come into my collection; they will
also be posted on the appropriate page and left here for 60 to 90 days.

Cyrus W. Field Medal - 1st Reverse, no date, George H.

White metal, 51.2mm
(October 22, 2017) 

Steamship Great Eastern/The Antiquary mule, George H.

NY 189, copper, 31.2mm
(November 4, 2017) 

Wood's Series D, No. 4, George H.

Marvin 302, silver, 31.4mm
(December 10, 2017)

U.S. Grant Campaign Medalet, George H.

DeWitt USG 1868-7, copper, large letters, 32.5 mm,
(December 10, 2017)

Bailey & Co Merchant Token, Robert Jr.

Pa 30, silvered brass, plain edge, 30mm
(December 10, 2017)

Boys & Girls of America, First Obverse, George H.

Baker 417C, white metal, 27.7mm
 (December 15, 2017)

Worlds Industrial and Cotton Exposition, 
possibly by George H.

White metal,  31.3mm
Another possible work of George H. Lovett? His obituary list this event as
one he struck a medal for; over the years I have seen others but this piece
looks most like his style. Further evidence is needed to definitively call
this his work.

(December 15, 2017) 

Fort Sumter - Major Anderson Medal, George H.

White metal, possibly silvered, 70mm
(January 4, 2018)

 A.B. Sage Storecards, George H.

NY 762A, copper, thick planchett, 20.6mm

NY 765, brass, 20.6mm

NY 765A, copper, 20.6mm

NY 765B, white metal - silvered, 20.6mm
(January 4, 2018)

Robert Lovett Jr. Storecard

PA 332, brass, thin planchett (2 mm), 30.9mm
(January 4, 2018)

McClellan Campaign medalets, George H.

DeWitt GMcC 1864-19, white metal, 31mm

DeWitt GMcC 1864-20, copper, 31mm
(January 4, 2018)

1872 Grant Campaign Medalet, Robert Jr.

DeWitt USG 1872-3, copper, 31.3mm
(January 4, 2018)

Washington Shield and Star, George H.

Baker 142A, GW-538, third obverse, copper, 27.8mm
(January 4, 2018)

Robbins, Royce & Hard Storecard, George H.

NY 669, copper-nickel, 19.25mm
(January 4, 2018)

American Institute - Great Medal of Honor, George H.

Gold, 51mm
(January 4, 2018)