New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

Posted on this page will be new pieces as they come into my collection; they will
also be posted on the appropriate page and left here for 30 to 60 days.

Presbyterian College of Montreal Christina Prize Medal, George H.
Bronze, 45.5mm
(May 25, 2017)

New York Life Saving Benevolent Association Medal, George H.
Bronze, 51.2mm
(May 25, 2017)

St. Patrick's Cathedral Dedication, George H. 
White metal, 28mm
(June 23, 2017)

Although not signed by George H. nor listed as his work in any catalog I am
aware of this is attributable to him for two reasons. First, this entry from the Bulletin of American Numismatic and Archaeological Societies, July 1879 - July 1880.

Mr. G. H. Lovett, whose removal across Broadway was advertised in the last number of the Journal, has struck several new medals lately. One of Washington, for the Historical and Forestry Society of Rockland County, with reverse, Washington's Headquarters, Tappan, 1780. Another, with obverse, bust of Andre, and legend, Maj. John Andre, October I, 1780; reverse, "Old Dutch Church, Tappan," &c, and also a medalet on the Dedication of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, May 25, 1879.

Second, the obverse is found muled with two Washington dies signed by the engraver.

1864 George McClellan Campaign Medalet, Robert Jr.
DeWitt GMcC 1864-37, copper, 19.3mm
(June 26, 2017)

J.M. Bradstreet and Son's Merchant Tokens, George H.

NY-NY 36, Fuld NY-630-Ha-1a, copper, 33.9mm

Fuld NY-630-Ha-2a, copper, 34mm
 (June 27, 2017)

Robert Lovett Jr. Storecard 

PA 330, white metal - plain edge, 30.9mm

(July 27, 2017)

Robbins, Royce & Hard Storecard, George H. 

NY 700, white metal, 19.3mm
(July 27, 2017)

ANA Convention, August 2017

Washington Temperance Society Medals, Robert Sr.

GW-172, Baker 328A, copper, 39.1mm 

GW-173, Baker 341A, Greenslet GM-67, bronze, 39.1mm

Ulysses S. Grant Campaign Medalets, George H.
Sull USG 1868-7, silver, large letters, 32.4mm

Sull USG 1868-7, brass, small letters, 32.4mm

Sull USG 1868-8, bronzed white metal, 31.2mm

 Old Middle Dutch Church / J.M Bradstreet and Son's mule, George H.

Fuld NY-630-Ha-2e, white metal, 34mm


Johannes Allan / The Antiquary Mule, George H.

NY 186, white metal, 31mm

Non-contemporary W.H. Harrison Political medalet

DeWitt WHH-G (2), brass, 34mm

 The Home Of Washington, Third obverse, George H.

GW-280, Baker 116C, brass, 31.6mm