New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

Posted on this page will be new pieces as they come into my collection; they will
also be posted on the appropriate page and left here for 60 to 90 days.

Sage Numismatic Gallery No. 8 - George H.

Copper, 31mm

 White metal, 31mm

(November 18, 2020)

Robert Lovett Sr. Store Card - Robert Sr.

HT 288, brass, 25.3mm

(November 20, 2020)

Sage Historical Token No. 7 - George H.

White Metal, 31mm

(November 22, 2020)

John D. Lovett Store Card - John D.

NY 500, silver, 25mm

(December 6, 2020)

Dedicated To / Daniel Webster mule - George H.

White metal, 28mm

(December 14, 2020)

Syracuse Mechanics Association Award Medal - George H.

Harkness NY-500, white metal, 46.2mm

(December 21, 2020) 

Battle Monument, Baltimore Medal - Robert Jr.

Baker 324A, copper, 31.6mm

(December 21, 2020)

William Henry Harrison Campaign medallion - Robert Jr.?

DeWitt WHH-1840-99?, glass and lead, 43mm

In Sullivan this is described as "enamel under glass", this piece appears to 
to be two individual glass pieces with impressions of the medal. 

(January 10, 2021)

American Institute Medal - George H.

Harkness unlisted, bronze, 51.2mm

This obverse is the same as The Great Medal of Honor attributed to 
George H., the reverse is Harkness Ny-190 not attributed to him.

(January 15, 2021)

Horace Greeley Campaign Medalet - George H.

DeWitt HG 1872-2, white metal, 31.3mm

(January 27, 2021)
Washington Inaugural Centennial Medal - George H.
Douglas 18, white metal, 40mm

(February 1, 2021)

Isaac F. Woods Mt. Vernon Chapter Medal - George H.

Baker 306, silver, 31.4mm

(February 12, 2021)