John Doubleday Lovett Biography

John Doubleday Lovett

Born:  1819, in Philadelphia.

1824:  Moved to NYC with his family.

1835:  Apprenticed to his father.

1840:  Advertises Tippecanoe medals and log cabin letter stamps in Horace Greeley’s paper Log Cabin.  Gives 183 Broadway, “upstairs” as the location where these items may be purchased.  This has been his father’s shop location since 1837, and is also GHL’s location through the 1880s until his death in 1894.

????:  Marries Rebecca Fraser. 

Children:  Eva, George, John D., Jr., Helen, Charles, Alice and Sarah, birthdates unknown.

1842-1860:   Seal engraver at No. 1 Courtlandt St.

1870:  Operating out of No. 1 Maiden Lane.

1886:  Death on June 4.  Buried in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

Rebecca Lovett lived until September 23, 1897.  John D. Lovett left no will.  Rebecca wrote hers after his death.  It bequeaths everything to her three unmarried daughters, Helen, Alice and Sarah.  Rebecca is buried at Green-Wood as well.

Source:  New York State Business Directory and Gazetteer for 1870, p. 430.