New Discoveries

When I first began this collection in 2004, and now this catalog, I had no idea how
much material there was or that much of it was simply not listed
anywhere. And I am still 'discovering' new items. On this page I will list any items
I obtain for my collection or images that are sent to me by others of pieces that 
are new to me. I call this "New Discoveries" although they may be items known to others
that I was not aware of. This could include a variety I had not seen before, a piece struck 
in a metal not listed in a catalog, or something I simply did not know existed.
I will keep these posted on this page for 6 months as well as posting on the proper
page on the website.

Elisha Kent Kane varities

A series of on-line searches sparked by a recent email from Jonathan Brecher
has led to some interesting finds of medals related to the Elisha Kent Kane
Medal pictured below.

Although Q. David Bowers describes this work in his book on Sage, "American
Numismatics Before the Civil War", Sage is not mentioned on the medal and
he may have not been the exclusive distributor for these. He also mentions
the obverse being combined with two other dies by George H. Lovett, The Great
Medal of Honor and what I call the Three Muses. Below is a medal using
these two dies.
Now here is where it gets interesting. The following image is from the Tulane University
Digital Library (

This reverse appears to be the reverse from an Arctic Exploration medal by Tiffany
(image from Stacks Archives)

This medal is listed as 59.7mm in size, the Kane medal is 50mm but notice
what appears to be wide rims on the Kane die. I cannot determine from the
Tulane image whether the Tiffany & Co. has been removed. And it gets even more
interesting with the following medal from the March 2017 Stacks Sale.

This one is described as 60.2mm with the Tiffany & Co. removed. And the
reverse die is George H. Lovett's reverse die for an American Institute medal,
Harkness NY-100 at 60mm! Are we to assume George H. obtained a Tiffany die,
or did someone else obtain these dies to strike these mulings? If anyone
has any information on these please contact me.

(Sept. 24, 2017)