New Discoveries

When I first began this collection in 2004, and now this catalog, I had no idea how
much material there was or that much of it was simply not listed
anywhere. And I am still 'discovering' new items. On this page I will list any items
I obtain for my collection or images that are sent to me by others of pieces that 
are new to me. I call this "New Discoveries" although they may be items known to others
that I was not aware of. This could include a variety I had not seen before, a piece struck 
in a metal not listed in a catalog, or something I simply did not know existed.
I will keep these posted on this page for 6 months as well as posting on the proper
page on the website.

Generic Award Medal - obverse of Robert Sr's Union Agricultural Society
of Ridgeway and Shelby medal

White metal, 44.8mm.

The obverse of this medal utilizes the die from Robert Sr's Union Agricultural
Society of Ridgeway and Shelby medal, the reverse is not a die I have seen
before. I would guess this was produced to be a generic award medal
since neither die has any indication of a specific organization it may
have been produced for. I am going to speculate that this was something
produced by George H. using his father's die since he did have a habit of
doing this. If anyone has any knowledge of this medal, or knows of an awarded
example, please contact me.

Washington Temperance Society reverse mule

White metal, 41.6mm
(Nov. 18, 2019)

Although well worn and somewhat beat up this piece appears to be a muling of
the two reverses from Robert Sr's Washington Temperance Society series. It does not
seem to be a cast copy or electrotype, and close examination of the edge does
not show any signs of it being two halves put together. Below are the
reverses from GW-172 and 174 for comparison.

The Grand Reception of The Returned Volunteers, City of New York - George H.

White metal, 31.2mm

(Dec. 11, 2019)

The obverse of this medal is found with several reverses, including
one for the Grant/Colfax Presidential campaign of 1868 (DeWitt USG1868-8),
but this is the first time I have seen this reverse. Because of this reverse die
and the Capture of Richmond reverse die dated 1865 I have to
think that the Grant die was originally created in 1865 or earlier
for use with one of these two dies, later used for the 1868 campaign

Capture of Richmond die

U.S. Grant Mortuary Medal by George H.

White metal, 27.9mm
(April 25, 2020)

The obverse of this piece was used with a campaign medalet, USG 1868-22,
as well as several others but this is the first piece I have seen utilizing
this reverse die. There is another medal with this obverse and a Grant
Memorial die - neither listed in DeWitt or Sullivan.

Cuban Plantation Tokens by George H.

Rulau ORI-79, copper 19.3mm

Rulau ORI-78, copper 23mm
(May/June 2020)

The following item from the May, 1868 issue of the American
Journal of Numismatics indicates these are the works of
George H. Lovett.

"Mr. Geo. H. Lovett, the well known medallist, and member of our Society,
has presented us with a specimen-series of a new and peculiar kind of
copper currency, struck at his mint, for a plantation on the island of Cuba.
These curious pieces, four in number, bear on the Obv. the legend Esperanza,
which is the name of the plantation, and V.R. & Co., the initials of its
proprietors: and on the Rev., the respective values, from 20 down to 2 1/2
centavos, with such differences of ornamentation as to make them distinguishable
by the illiterate slaves among whom they are intended to circulate,
in that region of  'Hope' to their masters and none to themselves"